About my Dolls

Name: Samantha Parkington

Nickname: Sam

Age: 12 years

Birthday: December 2nd

Appearance: Long dark brown hair and bangs, medium skin, dark brown eyes

Personality: She is outgoing with friends but shy when she first meets someone, she knows lots of cool facts because she likes to read.

Interests: Reading, writing, learning new cool facts

Hobbies: Reading, dreaming

Dreams: That she become a teacher or a librarian one day.

Favorite food: Raspberry sherbet

Least favorite food: Ham

Name: Mildred Keith

Nickname: Millie

Age: 14 years

Birthday: August 18th

Appearance: Long, long blond hair, beautiful violet eyes, fair skin

Personality: She is quiet and clever, and she likes to make things.

Interests: Sewing, crocheting, crafting, looking at and designing pretty dresses.

Hobbies: Fashion designing, sewing, crocheting

Dreams: To become a fashion designer or a wedding coordinator.

Favorite food: Vanilla and chocolate cake

Least favorite food: Mashed potatoes

Name: Nicki Fleming

Nickname: Doesn't really have one.

Age: 13 years

Birthday: September 20th

Appearance: Medium length red, curly hair, green eyes, medium skin and freckles

Personality: She is very outgoing and involved in sports, especially horseback riding, and she doesn't mean to, but sometimes she isn't very sensitive and can get too caught up in her sports.

Interests: Horseback riding, softball.

Hobbies: Sports.

Dreams: That she become a teacher or a librarian one day.

Favorite food: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Least favorite food: Orange popsicles.

Name: Kirsten Larson

Nickname: Kirsty

Age: 10 years

Birthday: April 5th

Appearance: Long blond hair and bangs, blue eyes, medium skin.

Personality: She loves to help out and is very good at not giving up, and she likes to dress up and pretend, and is a vegetarian.

Interests: Making pretend, getting involved in helping charities and helping animals.

Hobbies: Trying to make a difference, having fun

Dreams: To run a charity and make a really big difference.

Favorite food: Salad

Least favorite food: Meat, because she's a vegetarian